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Posted on: 13 June

Revised 12.30pm –  Monday 30 June 2020.

The existing COVID-19 protocols will continue to apply –

  1. Any member who feels unwell must not attend the Club.
  2. The general directions about isolation concerning members diagnosed with COVID-19 or in contact with someone who has must be followed
  3. Social distancing protocols will apply at all times; minimising the risk of infection to other members and staff remains the highest priority

Booking arrangements –

  1. All play must be booked through the electronic booking system as the Club is operating under a reduced operational capacity and managing access is critical. Any member who previously has only booked with the assistance of the proshop can call them on 9583-1170.
  2. Electronic timesheets open at 10:00am, four days before play.  
  3. A daily competition will be held each day. Click here for the details.
  4. On all days, both the 1st and 10th tees will be in use for both the morning and afternoon sessions, other than on Mondays and Fridays when one tee will be used in the morning.
  5. Members may book for themselves and three other members. 

Access, who can play and when –

  1. Access is limited to members other than on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when one guest may be introduced via the electronic timesheet. If there is availability two days prior, up to three guests may be introduced. Please email the Pro Shop to confirm a booking for more than one guest. Members must ensure that their guests understand the club’s COVID-19 guidelines and must not attend if they are unwell.
  2. In order to provide access to as many members as possible, members may only play three rounds of 18 holes noting the third round must not be booked more than two days prior to play. Members may play two rounds of 9 holes in a week. The week will be considered to be Monday to Sunday. 
  3. Those who can play during the week should do so, allowing those who are still working to have precedence on the weekend.
  4. Tuesday play will be Women only, Thursdays will be Men only and on Saturday all Full members can play.
  5. Members must not attend the Club without a booking.
  6. The gates will be open 6:45am to 6:15pm.
  7. Non-playing Members may play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday subject to availability. Bookings will be via email and can be made two days prior to play. Non-playing Members can play once per month.
  8. Candidates on the Entrance Fee Scheme may play 1:00pm to 3:00pm on Wednesdays, subject to availability. Bookings will be via email and can be made two days prior to play. Candidates can play once per month.

Services, what’s available and what’s not –

  1. Limited hospitality is now available. Click here for the details.
  2. All purchases must be made to club accounts or on credit/debit cards. Cash cannot be accepted.
  3. The locker rooms and on-course toilets will be open.
  4. Members must not remove flagsticks from the holes.
  5. No rakes will be available in bunkers. Players should smooth bunkers with the sole of shoes.
  6. Members will be given a sandbucket to use and take home after golf and use on subsequent visits.
  7. Carts will be available and must be pre-booked. Only one person per cart. 
  8. Club pull-buggies are available and must be collected from and returned to the proshop.
  9. Members may use any of the practice facilities prior to playing.
  10. The Teaching Centre is available for lessons. Book online via the Club website.
  11. The Club has implemented the MiScore digital scoring app and members are encouraged to use the app while playing social golf in preparation for its use when competitions are resumed. Manual scorecards are available for those without a smart phone. Click here for more information.

The staff on-site have no discretion to vary any of the rules. Members should appreciate, particularly in these challenging times, that the situation requires careful management. While an individual may be disadvantaged by the rules, they are developed for the good of all, keeping in mind the general principles that have been set.

Members may email the Club at if they wish to obtain further information, but please do not engage with the staff about these rules. The Board and Management have instructed the staff accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding.

David Brophy


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