A message from the Women’s Captain – dated 29 July 2020

Posted on: 29 July

Hello everyone,

As disappointing as it is to be back in Stage 3 restrictions, at least we are still able to exercise on the golf course this time around, albeit in 2’s and wearing a face-covering. I found that it took quite a few holes to get used to wearing a mask, particularly with the challenge of the upward creep in the middle of my backswing and coping with the condensation (dripping nose) inside. However, if it keeps us all safe, the slight discomfort and inconvenience is a small price to pay. On the subject of masks, we are so lucky to have several extremely talented and generous seamstresses (on this occasion – Sandy Forster, Leeanne Ambrose and Paula Good) who have been working like Trojans, making masks for charity which can be purchased at the Pro Shop for $10.00 each, to be debited to our accounts. Please take a selfie wearing your new mask and email it to Sandy at sandyfor@bigpond.com for inclusion in the Year Book.

Hopefully most of you are managing to play up to 27 holes per week. I’m aware of some members who have been unlucky with the lottery system on more than one occasion. Please put your name on the waiting list if you fail to get a booking in the first instance so that the demand can be monitored.

If anyone has any concerns or questions that I might be able to address, please let me know either through Andrea or via text message. In the meantime, stay safe, keep busy and good golfing.

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