Current COVID-19 Golf Arrangements.

Posted on: 1 August

Stage 3 Restrictions are currently in place requiring play at the Club to satisfy the requirements of the DHHS regulations.

While the restrictions relating to golf are extensive, they reflect the principle that golf is a permitted activity for the purpose of exercise.

It is also noted that these arrangement continue to evolve as Golf Australia provides further direction resulting from their discussions with DHHS. The directions from DHHS are available – Click here for the DHHS directives

The following arrangements will apply effective immediately.

The existing COVID-19 protocols will continue to apply –

  1. Any member who feels unwell must not attend the Club.
  2. The general directions about isolation concerning members diagnosed with COVID-19 or in contact with someone who has must be followed
  3. Social distancing protocols will apply at all times; minimising the risk of infection to other members and staff remains the highest priority
  4. All members are expected to wear a face covering at all times while at the Club.

Booking arrangements –

  1. All play must be booked through the electronic booking system as the Club is operating under government restrictions and managing access is critical. Any member who previously has only booked with the assistance of the proshop can call them on 9583-1170.
  2. Electronic timesheets open at 10:00am, four days before play.
  3. Regular club group bookings (eg Monday Boys, Wednesday Women, etc) will not occur until these restrictions are eased. 
  4. Play will be limited to social golf. 
  5. Bookings to be in twos, seven minutes apart. 
  6. Members may book for themselves and one other member.
  7. The week is determined as being Monday to Sunday. 
  8. The revised programs for major club events are immediately suspended. This includes all events including scheduled rounds and matchplay contests.

Access, who can play and when –

  1. Access is limited to members. Guests are not permitted.
  2. All playing members may play a maximum of 27 holes per week. This restriction may be reviewed at any time subject to availability – all members should have the opportunity to play. In fairness to all, Members must adhere to this restriction.
  3. We again encourage those who can play during the week to do so, allowing those who are still working to have precedence on the weekend.
  4. If vacancies exist, members may email the proshop on the day prior to play to request additional access which won’t count towards the 27 hole maximum. Click here for the detail.
  5. Tuesday play will be Women only, Thursdays will be Men only and on Saturday all Full members can play.
  6. Members must not attend the Club without a booking.
  7. The gates will be open 7:15am to 6:15pm.
  8. Players should arrive no more than 15 minutes before play and leave immediately after golf.

Services, what’s available and what’s not –

  1. The main hospitality areas on the upper floor of the clubhouse will not be available.
  2. The administration office is available only by phone and email.
  3. The ProShop will be open providing a limited service (balls, tees, gloves and other incidentals). 
  4. The hospitality operations will be limited to “Grab & Go” offerings from the Spike Bar which will operate between 10.00am and 2.00pm on all days except Thursday, Saturday and Sunday when it will remain open until 3.30pm
  5. All purchases must be made to club accounts or on credit/debit cards. Cash cannot be accepted.
  6. The locker rooms and on-course toilets will be open.
  7. No rakes will be available in bunkers. Players should smooth bunkers with the sole of shoes.
  8. Pull-buggies are not available for use.
  9. The practice facilities are not available for use
  10. One on one lessons are available. Book online via the Club website.
  11. Members may be handicapped during these social rounds and must advise the starter accordingly prior to the round commencing. 
  12. The Club has implemented the MiScore digital scoring app and members are encouraged to use the app while playing social golf in preparation for its use when competitions are resumed. Manual scorecards are available for those without a smart phone. Click here for more information.

The staff on-site have no discretion to vary any of the rules. Members should appreciate, particularly in these challenging times, that the situation requires careful management. While an individual may be disadvantaged by the rules, they are developed for the good of all, keeping in mind the general principles that have been set.

Members may email the Club at if they wish to obtain further information, but please do not engage with the staff about these rules. The Board and Management have instructed the staff accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding.

David Brophy


                                                                                                                                          Issued – 1 August 2020 – 11.30am


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