World Handicapping System

Posted on: 25 January

Golf’s two international governing bodies, The R&A and the United States Golf Association (USGA) have worked together with the world’s major handicapping authorities to develop a single handicap system. Golf Australia (GA) is one of the organisations that has been closely involved. The new system goes live on 30 January, 2020.

As part of the new system, Members are advised that –

  • The GolfLink system will be ‘off-line between 26 and 30 January and handicaps will not be updated during this period. Once the system is online, competitions played during thi period will be rehandicapped.
  • Whilst the new system permits maximum handicaps to be increased, the existing maximums (36-Men, 45-Women) will not be extended due to the probable impact on pace of play.
  • Daily competitions may be played from any of the markers. As an example, the women’s daily competition could be played from the blue, white, red or yellow tees. For events other than the daily competition (including medals and major event) specific tee-markers will be used unless otherwise advised. On stroke days however, a par or stableford competition will be held on a shorter course.

Click here to visit the Golf Australia website for further  information.

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