The Teachers

Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper, the Club’s teaching professional, since 2018. Andrew is extremely hard working and passionate about helping others to achieve their golfing goals. Andrew has the uncanny ability to work well with golfers at any level and all types of people. Andrew has experience teaching juniors, club golfers, elite amateurs and touring professionals. He thoroughly enjoys the diversity of his clientele. Some names include the likes of David Micheluzzi, assisting him with his short game taking out the OOM in 2023 on the Australasian Tour as well as 4 Victories. He has also been teaching our very own Nadene Gole who has topped the rankings becoming the World No. 1 Senior Women’s Amateur 2023.

Andrew travelled the world competing in amateur and professional events before putting the clubs away to focus totally on teaching people to achieve their golfing goals and enhance their experiences on the course. Andrew’s goal is to create a positive learning environment at The Victoria Golf Club focusing on helping women from a Beginners Level all the way through to attaining memberships at The Victoria Golf Club through his very successful programs with the help of the women Members.


Tuition bookings can be made via the link below, by emailing Andrew at or by contacting the Pro Shop on (03) 9583 1170.

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Golf Operations Team

The Golf Operations Team is led by Paul Wright who has over 25 years at VGC and is a very respected teacher. Lessons are also available from Mitchell, Peter and Hayden. For bookings and availability call them on (03) 9583-1170 or email

The Teaching Centre

The VGC Teaching Centre was opened in 2013 featuring the latest in state-of-the-art coaching and fitting technology. The major components of the technology are Flightscope which (as shown in the three photographs above) is a ball flight and launch monitor system. It generates information that determines the effectiveness of the swing and uses 3D Doppler radar tracking to follow the ball flight (as shown in the centre photograph).

Flightscope interacts with V1 GOLF, the world’s leading video analysis software system Its clients include some of the most respected coaches, instructors, athletes, organisations and training facilities around the world.

The V1 Golf and Flightscope launch monitor is used for lessons and club fitting.  Without technology, players can alter their swings and never really be aware of the actual impact. When swing changes are implemented, it is very hard to feel exactly how much you have changed your swing. Sometimes you feel as if you have made significant changes, but in reality, you have not changed much at all.  The combination of swing analysis technology and Flightscope launch monitor means that you get real time vision and data as evidence to ensure you are making genuine swing improvements. It also shows swing faults and flaws.