Update – The Club & Course are now closed.

Posted on: 25 March

Full Club Closure

Last night the Prime Minister told us unequivocally “to stay home unless you have to go out”. This morning the Premier reiterated this stating “no one should leave home unless they have to”.

We are facing a critical health crisis in Australia and around the World. We need to play our part minimising the risk that the Coronavirus takes hold in Australia.

Accordingly, effective midnight tonight the Club will close for an indefinite period. Access will only be available to those staff who are essential to the ongoing operation of the Club, including staff  necessary to maintain the course. While we appreciate members may wish for some access, keeping the Club open at any level provides the opportunity for interaction and therefore increased risk. The responsibility of the Board is to make sound decisions for now and for the future, and it unanimously believes the closure decision is the most appropriate. The Board also believes that a forced closure is inevitable and making the closure decision now enables us to better plan for this action.

Management is working through the process of standing down staff and putting in place the operational processes and staffing for the closure period.

This is obviously a very difficult time for everyone. We have lost access to the wonderful club we hold so dear. Our staff have lost the certainty of a regular income and the comfort of a secure work environment. The Board is working with Management to soften the impact on staff to the extent this is practical.

While this has been a difficult decision, it is the right decision. Our challenge is to weather the storm, look after each other, and look forward to more positive times ahead.

Members are advised that the website will post updated information as it becomes available. You are also advised that the best form of communication is to email info@victoriagolf.com.au as this email will be constantly monitored.

On behalf of the Board and all members, I convey our thanks to our Management and Staff. It has been been an extraordinary period and their commitment, professionalism and positivity is to be commended. The Club is extremely grateful for their contribution through this difficult period.

Finally, I thank all members for their support at this difficult time. We have a tough few months ahead but as a club we will endure.

Please, follow the protocols and keep yourselves well.


Thank you

David Brophy


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