Temporary Competition Conditions.

Posted on: 15 May

Competition golf recommenced on Saturday 16 May under the following arrangements –

  1. A club competition will be held for men and women on each day (other than Tuesdays – Women only and Thursdays – Men only).
  2. A nine hole competition will be held for women on Tuesdays and Fridays. A fourball competition will be held on Thursdays.
  3. A $25 voucher will be the prize for each competition. The winners will have the voucher credited to their ball-credit account.
  4. A ball competition with an entry fee of $4 will be held each day with the charge made by charge to club account or cashless transaction.   
  5. Members may play from any of the tees in accordance with the Golf Australia guidelines (i.e. each competition will include players from all tees that are on the course).
  6. The competition will be stableford each day and all players are in the same competition.
  7. Members are encouraged to use the MiScore app – see – Click here for more information. A manual scorecard will be available if required.
  8. Local Rules – A ball in a bunker may be moved by taking a preferred lie, placing the ball within 15 cms (6 inches) of where it lay. Please use your feet to repair any footmarks and be considerate of following players. 
  9. Competitions will be handicapped. 
  10. In accordance with the GA temporary ruling, markers should verbally verify the player’s score prior to the submission of the score. There is no need to sign cards. 
  11. The existing booking arrangements continue to apply.
  12. This format will operate until further notice and ‘normal’ competitions and events will be reinstated as changes to the government regulations permit. 


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