Hospitality Returns!

Posted on: 6 June

We are delighted to advise that the Clubhouse will be available to Members for limited hospitality from Tuesday 9 June 2020.

The Board and Management are working through the guidelines and conditions to carefully manage the reopening of the facilities ensuring we observe and comply with the extensive list of requirements specified in the legal directions to ensure the health and safety of our members, guests and staff.

The easing of restrictions began from June 1 allowing up to a maximum of twenty people per room. Further easing of restrictions that was planned for 22 June was not implemented, so the restriction of twenty people per room remains operative.

The traditional casual nature of pre- and post-golf hospitality is not possible under the constraints of the current regulations. This is unfortunate but beyond our control. The limitations on service and the many safety precautions required, including extra cleaning in each space, will require operations to be very different!

The government regulations are very detailed and prescriptive. While we might wish for less structure and more options, unfortunately we are required to operate under these rules. If you are interested in the detail of the government’s regulations, there is a link provided at the bottom of this communication.

The following information outlines how the interim hospitality offering will operate. We ask that members make themselves aware of the requirements and follow them at all times.

We are working in very changing and uncertain times and these guidelines will be reviewed as and when necessary as circumstances dictate and experiences occur. We appreciate the understanding of members as we work towards a return to more traditional operations.

A member who hasn’t or isn’t playing golf can attend however they must register their attendance with the staff in order to satisfy government regulations.



To visit the club, a member must not have been out of the country in the last 14 days, not be in self-isolation or required to do so and not be displaying any COVID-19 symptoms.



The Spike Bar will offer golfers “grab ‘n’ go” style food between 10.00am and 3.30pm on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Sandwiches and snacks will be available from the proshop on other days.

From Tuesday 9 June, the main level of the Clubhouse will operate in a very limited capacity from 11:00am within the following guidelines –

  • We are limited to a maximum of twenty people in any room.
  • Both the Members Bar and the Lounge will be used. A third room will be available if required.
  • Members will be met in the foyer by a staff member who will direct the group to their table.
  • Only table service will be available.
  • Tables will be set as fours during these arrangements, noting that tables of six may be set for events.
  • Alcohol may no be served without the purchase of a meal.
  • A limited menu will be available. The menu will show which options are meals (i.e. allow for alcohol to be served) and those that are snacks. Click here to see the menu.
  • All charges will be made to club accounts.
  • Tables will be allocated for 45 minutes, and depending on demand may be extended. Members are encouraged to limit their time in the clubhouse to ensure as many members as possible have an opportunity.
  • The clubhouse will close at 6.00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and 7.00pm on all other days.


  • There are many regulations and directions that the club must follow in order to meet the requirements. Click here for the Department of Health and Human Services information. While they are not detailed in this document, members must appreciate that the Board and Management has provided direct instruction to the staff on these many matters. The staff have no discretion to vary these instructions and members must at all times follow the direction of the staff. While the staff would prefer otherwise, they must guide members when appropriate and members are requested to consider the difficult circumstances that the staff are working under.



Should staff be wearing masks and gloves?

No, the current advice from the DHHS is that staff should not be wearing protective masks and gloves and should only wear gloves when sanitizing surfaces. Regular hand washing will be sufficient to protect members and staff.

Will we be temperature checked upon entry?

Temperature checks are not currently recommended for the hospitality industry. Temperature checks are only recommended in specific sensitive settings, such as on entry to hospitals.

Can we choose where we sit in the clubhouse?

Unfortunately, not. The staff member that will greet you in the foyer has the responsibility of managing the flow of members and activity to ensure that everyone gets the appropriate level of attention and will have a plan as to how best this can be achieved. Additionally, the priority of the staff is to seat Members in areas that are best for social distancing and staff efficiency, and areas that have been properly sanitized after use.

Will there be time limits on visiting the clubhouse?

Yes, in these initial stages, a limit of 45 minutes will be necessary to ensure that the expectations of all Members can be met noting, if there’s no demand, the limitation will not be applied. However, this is not an invitation to spend excessive time in the clubhouse. Members are encouraged to limit their time in the clubhouse as much as possible.

Can we come and play cards at the Club?

Unfortunately not yet as the hospitality is limited to before and after golf. As soon as practically possible, cards will return.


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