Hole 13

Geoff Ogilvy says – ‘I think the 13th is the most difficult hole on the course for men, and for women plays as an easier par 5. It requires an accurate tee shot, making sure you avoid the right bunker. It is very hard to hit the green with your long second shot. Bigger hitters lose some of their advantage on the 13th because the hole narrows. This means their second shots are played from the downslope. The green is very tricky so it demands caution. Balls landing on the right side of the putting surface tend to feed into the bunkers. If you miss the green, it is far better to be short.’

Men'sPar 4

Men'sIndex 2

Women's Par 5

Women's Index 18

Silver Tee 392m

Blue Tee 392m

White Tee 370m

Red Tee 360m